About SHU:

Shu is a Fun Modern rock band out of the Charlotte, NC Region. Shu is comprised of four dedicated musicians with very distinct musical histories, influences, and backgrounds. 

Shu's shows are quite simply FUN. They are filled with a stimulating mix modern, classic, pop, and country-rock crossover cover tunes plus unique Shu mash-ups that culminate into a style that has crowds coming back for more.

Shu's music has been described as exclusively fresh, diverse and resonating with booming hooks that keep the crowd thumping to every beat. We put our own rocking twist on many songs.

Shu's Lead singer, Bill Long, commands the stage with his presence and is one of the premier vocalists on the local/regional music scene. His stage presence is electrifying! He is the ring master of this performance and prides himself in getting out and involving the audience. 

Our guitarist, Joseph Cabatit, adds a solid backbone to the band creating smooth melodies, rocking riffs, and blazing leads. He provides an awesome show while still focusing on precision of his instrument. 

Shu's bassist, Rhett Heglar and drummer, Tim White (aka, the Mad Hatter) provide a solid rhythm section. They are the original founding members of the band and have played together for over 25 years. Their musical bond is evident and shows in their commanding stage presence. 

Shu is all the rage with club owners, staff and management. With every show they are building their ever-growing legion of fans, better known as "Shu Strings." 

If you are looking to have a good time then a "Shu Show" is a must!